Tips for selecting Indian wedding card

Being an auspicious occasion, an Indian wedding is not a single day preparation thing, it takes planning of months for every aspect of beginning or end. Even family of bride, starts preparing and planning for her marriage after her birth. Between all these things selecting an invitation card and its content for wedding, is too important and typical thing.

Indian communities give a lot of time in selecting an invitation card. It’s not just a symbol of beginning of an auspicious occasion but also have the religious significance. Usually selection of a wedding card i.e. rich, pompous & beautiful design reflects the personality of the host.
Well, we all know, Indian communities are most diversified and cultured. The invitation card available in markets are also have varieties and diversity. Choosing an ideal card with lots of family suggestions and excitement, is a task to be taken care of. So I am here with some helping guidelines-


Tips to keep in mind before selection of hindu wedding card.


The cards in market comes in variety of range. It’s up to you to decide the range according to your budget.


If you are going to select the invitation card, research is the main thing, satisfy yourself by visiting market and trying different varieties of shops, designs and ranges. So the best selection can be done without wasting any amount of money.


Here I’m talking about the hindu community, yes the combination of wide range of religious symbols, beliefs, verses and a bulk of designs. Now a days modern and designer cards are also present. You need to decide, whether you have to go with modern, Designer or religious.


Colors are so bright and vibrant, used in hindu wedding cards. In making of traditional cards, ‘red, orange, silver, gold, saffron, yellow etc.’ are used. These colors are the symbol of love, wealth and prosperity. In modern kind of invites pastel colors are used to make it extraordinary.


Invites decoration can be done using kumkum, kundan, mirror, pearl, thread so it could appear so lavish. Modern cards decoration includes sparkle, glitters, choclate, sweets, basket, ribbons, decorative apparels etc.


Design and size of the content should be clear, concise and easy to read.

All aspects of your religion and tradition should reflect in the card.

All wedding events, main rituals should be clearly mentioned with accurate date and time. R.S.V.P. address should be written properly.

Courier friendly

Size of the invites should be courier friendly.

Order samples

Before ordering full order or a bulk of card, order to print a sample of invitation card. So you can check it, if any mistake resides or modification required then it will be easy to modify.

How many & extra

Once you are done with the listing of guests, always keep in mind before printing cards, order 30 or 50 more cards to print, because It can happen that you may forget to list out some names.

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