Keep Your Eyes Healthy


Eyes are essential for good health, and there are some easy tips for keeping them healthy.

  1. Eye Exams

Many people are not aware that their vision could be improved if they were using contact lenses or glasses.  An eye exam undertaken by a professional can ensure that your eyes are well and healthy.  In some cases there are eye diseases that go undetected – glaucoma, macular degeneration and eye disease related to diabetes are some examples, as there are no obvious signs.  One of the only ways to detect these is with a dilated eye exam.

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A dilated eye exam involves drops being place in your eyes so the eye widens (or dilates).  By doing this more light is able to enter the eye, and the professional is able to examine the eye thoroughly and note any signs of damage, or early signs of disease.

  1. Family History

Many eye conditions are hereditary so information from your family will help if you are in a higher risk group.

  1. Diet and Sight

Most of us have been told that carrots are good for your eyes.  As well as carrots, all fruits and vegetables have benefits.  Leafy greens, such as kale are excellent too.  Fish which is high in omega-3 fatty acids are also good.

  1. Watch Your Weight

Diabetes can lead to vision issues, so maintaining a healthy weight can avoid systemic conditions such as diabetes.

  1. Protection

Always use eyewear for protection.  Safety glasses, goggles, safety shields and other such eyewear are designed especially to provide protection.  They are mostly made of polycarbonate, which is 10 times the strength of other plastics.  They can be purchased at some sports stores or eye care centres.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is just as bad for your eyes as it is for your health in general.  It has been related to macular degeneration, cataracts, and may also affect the optic nerve.  All of these conditions can cause blindness.

  1. Sun Protection

Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory; they will protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays from the sun.  You need to buy those that will block 99-100% of UVA and UVB radiation.

  1. Eyes need a Rest

Eyes easily fatigue.  If you are working at a computer, or concentrating on something, you can neglect to blink.  The 20-20-20 rule might help.  Try to look in a direction 20 feet from you, for just 20 seconds, every 20 minutes whilst you are working.

  1. Cleanliness and Your Lenses

When putting in or taking out your contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid infections.  Care for your lenses according to the instructions.

  1. Occupational Health and Safety

If your job requires you to wear protective eyewear, do this, and make sure all around you do it too.


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