Cities to visit in the Tour to Morocco


Tourism is what makes a country successful, it helps to the economy and as they become famous this is always an advantage for people who govern the country. If we talk about Morocco, we know that one of the best things about this country – which is really helpful for them is the fact that people around the world visit this country a lot. This is way there are many affordable Morocco Tour for people who like to come here and have an excellent vacation. Here I will talk about two places in Morocco that you should definitely visit and they are really popular among tourists.

The first city is called Saidia and at first you will not remember this city. The best thing about is the beautiful place, this increases tourism in this zone and it helps Morocco to be a better country. Its nickname tells you a lot about the city: the blue pearl. It is called like these because of the beautiful beach and the amazing holiday resorts you can find here. It has one of the largest beaches of Africa of golden sand. The population is composed by sailors and nowadays it has turned into a popular tourism destination for people who travel to Morocco.

If you are here the best activities are going to the beach and exploring near sites here, you can also take a sailing lesson. You can eat in a restaurant, go to the grocery store, have a picnic – it will be a different picnic for sure among other things, this a beach but pedestrian come here also as it is an excellent place to do plenty of activities. If you do not want to be at the beach, you can explore another cities that are really interesting and historical. People commonly say Saidia is a paradise and we know why.

There are hotels in which you can stay like IBEROSTAR in Saidia. This is a 5 stars hotel, really nice and it has many things to offer, the rooms are big and comfortable. Talking about food, they have the same menu everyday but it is still delicious food. The pools are awesome if you want to take a bath and you can also find a bar in this hotel. You can stay here if you want to.



Another city you should visit in the Tour to Morocco is Meknes. This city is one of the imperials cities and it definitely has many things to offer to demanding people. It is modern but at the same time old, it has ancient palaces and tombs, and if you continue walking you can still go to a coffee or restaurant; this is an interesting city! Here you will travel to the past when you see the historical places and the cultural attractions. Visit the square and listen to the musicians, visit the historical places and go to the religious places.

One of the best places of this city is the Bobel Mansour. This is a big gate that has been preserved well during the time and it is one of the most interesting parts of Placeel Hedim. Of course you just can walk through the dour but you can still take pictures and look at the big wall which is incredible.

So, as you can see here you have two great options to spend your next vacations. You can go to the amazing beach “the blue pearl” and enjoy time with your family while walking on the beach and you can go to one of the most interesting cities of Morocco.

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