5 Things You Need to Keep In Mind When Choosing a VPS Host


Your website will be so awesome that you would need more server power. When you are in this situation, then you would need to consider Virtual Private Server (VPS). It would have a frightening and great feeling experience at the same time. You would be happy since your website is grown, but afraid that moving to another server is hard and lead to downtime. Check the five things you need to keep in mind during the selection of VPS hosting.

  1. Know the Reason Why You Need VPS

You should only select a VPS when you know that you need it. Seeking a piece of advice from a web host to tell you if you need a VPS is like asking for advice from a car salesman if you want an extended warranty or not. It’s obvious that he/she will tell you yes, click here to learn more.

Clearly, state the reason why you want a VPS. Write down all of them. Some of the reasons why you need the resources could be the memory, storage space or bandwidth. Whichever the reason, you need to know them before entering a hosting agreement.

  1. Learn more about VPS hosting

VPS hosting plans are of two types: managed and unmanaged. Managed is expensive while unmanaged is cheap. Well, that’s what the web hosting companies want you to think.

You should know what you don’t know. Managing a VPS server is hard. It’s nearly always involve learning how to handle Apache and Linux. It implies that you have to get to use root access and command line. If you have no idea about it but still want a VPS, then perhaps consider managed VPS.

  1. Know Your Responsibilities

Some level of know-how is required to use both managed and unmanaged servers. You would need to find out more when it comes unmanaged servers, unlike managed servers. When choosing a VPN hosting plan, know what comes with the plan. Know your responsibilities and those of your web host.

Don’t be surprised if you find that the web host placed more responsibilities on you. They know that the more the responsibilities they take, the higher the expenses. It’s all okay if you know your responsibilities.

  1. Know Your Resource Needs and Budget

You can extend and expand VPS systems. That’s a great thing about VPS hosting. That’s the reason enough to upgrade. Also, the web host will try to upsell you due to this. Obviously, they want you to buy as much as possible.

You need to know the amount you need before buying. To know this, you can look at previous usage. If you can’t access the previous records, then you just have to make an educated guess.

  1. Know Your Web Host

You need to know your business partner. Consider a host that offers all the functions that you need at the moment and in the future. Consider the one that will help you to move to VPS server. The more support services, the better.

If it’s clear that all the responsibilities lie on you and the host doesn’t offer support, then look for someone else.


It’s a tough decision to choose to move to VPS, but it’s a necessary tool as your website grows. Be cautious of offer that seems too good to be true. You only get what you pay for. Many hosts will try to provide affordable services as possible, therefore, know what’s offered and what it will cost you. Be prepared for any outcome so that you won’t be surprised.

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