8 Things to Do in Bodrum

Are you planning to visit Bodrum? Here are 8 things to do while you are there.

  1. Castle of St. Peter

Built between 1402 and 1437, Castle of St. Peters is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bodrum, Turkey. Popular sections of the castle include the French Tower, English Tower, and the Gatineau Tower. Inside the castle, you will find a mosque as well.

  1. Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This archeological hub of ancients treasures lies within the vast halls inside Castle of St. Peter. This magnificent museum is home to neatly arranged artifacts such as ancient bowls presumably used for fetching water. Other interesting things to see include Uluburun Wreck hall, The Treasure Room, and the Glass Wreck Hall.

  1. Mausoleum

The Mausoleum, which was built back in 376 BC, was designed to be the final resting place for King Mausolus. As seen today, the Mausoleum is only but ruins which feature Greek architecture and pillars. It was destroyed by Knights who built the Castle of St. Peter.

  1. Myndos Gate

The Myndos Gate is considered as one of the last remaining structure of King Mausolus. The 7-kilometer stretch of tiny chunks of the one sturdy fortress wall are scattered all across this tourist hotspot, but the main attraction is the Myndos Gate, located at Turgutreis Caddesi.

  1. Marina and Shipyard

Marina and Shipyard is home to one of the largest showing of yachts and everything sailing – if you are into sailing, then this should be among your things to do in Bodrum. To the west of the Marina and Shipyard you will find the Ottoman Shipyard, which offers spectacular views of tombstones.

  1. Bodrum Bazaar

Bodrum Bazaar is among the top tourists attractions for people visiting this fascinating town. Turkey is well known for its intricately crafted textiles and colorful pottery, and that is exactly what you can expect when you visit Bodrum Bazaar.

  1. Bodrum Amphitheater

When compared to the Roman standards, this theater is by far small in size, however, the restoration that has been done here is one of a kind. Back in the day, Bodrum Amphitheater housed around 13,000 spectators. Nowadays, it is used for concerts and events, which makes it among the most popular Bodrum attractions.

  1. Old Town

Just as the name suggests, Old Town features old-time architecture with its narrow pedestrian alleys much like what you would find in a scene of Game of Thrones. This town which was once a fishing village is now a tourism hub and perfect for taking stunning photography.

So what are you waiting for? Bodrum has got a lot of tourist attractions guaranteed to make your time there worthwhile.

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