Does Wearing a Sweatshirt While Running Burn More Calories

Your attire while working out is very important and crucial. A good attire can keep you comfortable and at ease while you exercise. In some cases, a special kind of attire is a must, like yoga pants while doing your yoga sessions, running shoes in gym and so on. Many a times, we hear people saying that wearing a sweatshirt while running helps you to burn more calories. But is it actually true or just a myth? Let us now scroll down to find out the same.

Wearing extra clothes can contribute in a minor way to helping you lose weight, but it has its own risk attached to it, and we must keep this in mind.

Firstly, sweat is equal to weight loss and not fat loss. So, one should not try and dehydrate themselves to the point of unhealthiness. While you run, your heart rate increases in order to supply oxygen enriched blood to your body muscles. Your heart beat is directly proportional to the energy required by your body, thus resulting in burning of calories. When you wear a sweatshirt, the temperature of your body increases, circulation increases and your heart rate also increases to maintain your ideal body temperature. As a result, you may burn more calories on wearing a sweatshirt, but then it is not always a good idea. The weather also plays a vital role in deciding as to whether you should wear a sweat shirt or not. In summers, you must try and avoid wearing it, since we already sweat a lot. You could always wear it during winters so as to keep your body warmer while you exercise, and in turn burn more calories.

Heat exhaustion is a situation when your body temperature rises and your body in unable to keep up. It basically occurs when you are engaged in some rigorous physical activity. If you are running in a sweatshirt, there are chances of having a heat stroke which is quite a serious condition. So, if you suddenly start feeling too hot in your sweatshirt, take it off immediately. Also it is very important to keep yourself hydrated at all moments. No, need to take liters of water at one go, but keep taking small sips quite often to avoid dehydration.

The majority of weight loss through sweating is primarily losing water weigh. Water weight loss is extremely temporary and is also unhealthy way of losing weight.

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