World Should Show Respect to Engineers

William A. Wulf, the President of the National Academy of Engineering and a computer scientist notable for his work in programming languages and compilers has signaled the fact that people need to show more respect to engineers, the field of engineering and its wonderful contribution to the development. The reality is we do need to clearly bring more recognition to the hard work of all the engineers that have brought their love for inventions and to those that have created some remarkable things during the last decades.

If you are one of the few good men who know how to salute the work of the people who invented the light bulb and electricity, the radio or the airplanes and cars, the telephone or the Internet and even the water sanitation devices, the idea of getting a degree in engineering might not sound too bad. If you are one of those ignorant people who pays too little attention to these aspects, you are probably having a hard time understanding why these Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in civil, electrical, aeronautic or environmental engineering are so important. You need to study some contributions that the amazing field of engineering has brought to us and understand the pure sense of inventions. You need to open your eyes wide and only then will you be able to embrace the true meaning of science and engineering.

If you are not exactly sure how can engineers’ contributions be spotted, besides the obvious information sources such as books or the Internet, you could keep an eye on the awards that are being given to remarkable people whose performances and achievements need to be a acknowledged. A great example is the Nobel Prize for Science and some of its laureates who have won all the merits for their breakthroughs; Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison or Isaac Newton are all superb scientists who brought their enormous contributions to our society. Unfortunately, not all of them enjoyed the Nobel Prize recognition (except for Einstein), but they should all be remembered for their lifetime of hard work and sweat oriented towards our well-being.

The National Academy of Engineering I also a wonderful institution that has chosen to give engineering all the credit they deserve, in terms of some truly prestigious awards. These recognitions are somehow similar to the Nobel Prizes, and they are being considered engineers’ Nobel Prizes for Engineering. The $ 500,000 annually award was won by Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 2007, for instance, for developing the World Wide Web.

He said that “You affect the world by what you browse.”

Currently, the National Academy of Engineering presents no less than five awards for “Engineering achievement and innovation”, and these awards are:

  • the Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize,
  • the Charles Stark Draper Prize,
  • Arthur M. Bueche Award,
  • the Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education and the Founders Award.

In conclusion, even though you might not be looking to hoping to someday receive such an award, you could still your smaller or more significant contribution to mankind by pursuing a great and stable career in engineering. Engineering degree has played many roles from improving and increasing, to developing and changing the quality of life



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