Why you must hire a residential locksmith in San Diego to install your locks.

Deadbolts are small and inexpensive locks that give your home, office or business the extra security it needs. Adding a deadbolt to your front and back door of your San Diego property can make a big difference and ensures that your residence is better protected.

Prestige Locksmith, a San Diego residential locksmith company can supply you with a large selection of deadbolt locks, which are convenient and reasonably priced. Let’s talk a bit more about deadbolts and why you should install them.

First, why do you need a deadbolt? After all, you already have a door lock? Why replace the existing door lock with a deadbolt?
Well, you don’t have to replace the existing door lock with a deadbolt you can add the deadbolt as your second lock – one that adds an extra layer of security to your front and back doors.

Burglars hate deadbolts – they can bypass any sort of locks, but find it very difficult to pick deadbolt locks, especially those of Grade 1 and Grade 2. A good deadbolt lock fortifies the existing door lock, it doesn’t replace it. Do contact us for a free consultation, so that we can walk you through your options.

So what are the different types of deadbolts I can choose?
You can choose from a number of deadbolt locks. You are probably familiar with cylinder deadbolts – these locks can be accessed from the inside with a knob and from the outside with a key.

They are very secure, but make sure there is no glass window next to these locks. That is a serious vulnerability as all the intruder needs to do to unlock the door is to break the window from outside, reach out to the knob and turn it. No lock picking skills or bump keys needed!

So, to be doubly sure, if you have a glass window next to the lock, add a double cylinder deadbolt lock to the door frame. Double cylinder deadbolt locks require a key to be turned from the inside. So they provide an additional measure of security. They are not too expensive either. Probably one of the better ways to secure your San Diego home or business.

But double cylinder locks have one drawback – since you need a key to unlock it even from the inside, you will have a problem on your hand if you happen to lose the keys, for whatever reason. What if a fire breaks out and you can’t find the keys and are trapped in the house?

So, what you can do is to get a keyless cylinder deadbolt lock installed. These locks don’t require any keys and are much safer. They make use of password codes or fingerprint access for locking and unlocking.

Installing the deadbolt lock…
Making sure that you buy the right kind of deadbolt lock and it is properly installed is just as important. You should never sacrifice quality for affordability. Never buy a cheap deadbolt lock with a flimsy construction.

Don’t try to install the lock yourself. If the installation has not been done correctly, then the lock is as good as worthless to you. Hire a professional residential locksmith in San Diego to assist you.

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